Healing Starts Here…

Mental health is just like physical health- everything seems fine, you are managing, and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, you feel pain or feelings of being highly overwhelmed. You can’t stand this feeling. It’s as if you are tortured by recurring thoughts, noise, and background clutter in your mind that doesn’t let up. It feels like a pressure weighing on your chest or humming in your mind. It begins to affect your relationships with others. You wonder if there is a way to ease the weight. You wonder if you will get back to a state of calm where you can begin to take steps toward healing. You think, how do I move forward?

I understand. I can help.

Save yourself from feeling out of control!

I work with individuals and families to stop this cycle of thoughts, emotions, and even actions. I am specially trained in emotional and self-regulation as well as neurodivergence, including ADHD and learning disabilities, anxiety, social and emotional angst and stress both in an academic setting and the workplace. I work to provide stabilization and calming strategies while working with clients to get to the root causes affecting mental illness.  I’ll work with you to develop individualized and holistic interventions that suit your lifestyle and work with you through this time of need.

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Contact me with any questions: info@haktherapy.com