About Me

Let’s find your calm together

Who am I, and what can you expect?

Hillel Kurlandsky, MACP, RP (Registered Psychotherapist), OCT (Ontario College of Teachers)

Who am I? I am a clinician fascinated by others’ hidden potential, and my passion and quest are to help others actualize themselves and their talents and let the world see their best version. I believe mental health issues are fewer issues and more roadblocks to this self-actualization- that often, the struggle is a form of superpower that needs to be discovered and skills to learn how to operationalize the superpower. I believe one’s strength appears when taking the first step by reaching out and asking for help- a true sign of readiness to become the person you want and deserve to be.

My therapy approach is customized to my client’s individual and unique needs. I use an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach incorporating evidence-based and empirically proven trauma-informed processes, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment-Based Therapies-individual and family (ABT & ABFT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills (DBT) and Narrative Therapy.  

I work with children, adolescents, adults, and families, providing empathy and safety to explore and understand our challenges. My areas of focus are anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, relationships, parenting, ADHD across the lifespan and within the family system, men’s mental health, school-related anxieties, social behaviours, and performance.

With over fifteen years of experience working with students and families, I have a unique understanding of navigating academic stressors. I work closely with students, families, and university students to create actionable and achievable plans for students to actualize their potential.

I am passionate about normalizing therapy, especially for children and men, where stigma still exists, focusing on overall well-being.

I look forward to connecting and getting to know you!